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Frequently Asked Questions by Service Pros

About the Service

About Reasons to Join

About the Listings

About the Search Rankings

About Working with Homeowners

About the TopServicePros Website

About the Service

How does the TopServicePros system work?

  • It's really quite simple. You fill out a simple form to develop your own personalized website. You also give us your base zip-code and the radius in which you would like to work. Homeowners pick the service category that they are looking for and then tell us their home zipcode. If you are in that category and their zipcode is in your radius then we'll show them your listing! They'll contact you directly via email or phone if they would like to use your services.

What cities does TopServicePros cover?

  • Potentially any city in the United States, including the territories of Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands! Sorry Canadian residents, we are not registering Canadian companies yet but we are considering it.

How do homeowners find my business on

  • First of all we use paid marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to drive homeowners to the website. Once there the homeowner will find your listing when they look for businesses in your category serving their area.

What qualifications are needed to join TopServicePros?

  • You must be licensed according to the laws of your state and carry general liability insurance.

Do I have to pay for every lead I receive?

  • No. TopServicePros is not a pay-for-lead type service. Instead it is a subscription based service where you pay an annual fee for your listing. Any and all leads sent to you will be free for you to follow up.

How do homeowners contact my business?

  • Homeowners will contact you directly by phone or through the email form on this site. If they fill out the email form it will contain useful information for qualifying the lead.

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About Reasons to Join

I already have too much work, should I still join?

  • Yes. We want to help you grow but grow profitably. Through our unique target radius system you will be able to specify the areas you wish to receive leads. So if you have too much work choose a smaller radius and your future work will be much closer and more efficient.

Why should I join when I get most of my work by word-of-mouth?

  • Word of mouth advertising is great and shows that you're doing good work. However it can be intermittent and does not always give you the most profitable work or desirable locations. With TopServicePros you will be getting work much closer to your home base.

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About the Listings

How often can I update my listing?

  • As often as you like. Editing profiles is done on-line and is extremely easy. You can edit your listing any time (24/7) and every edit is absolutely free!

Do you verify the information in a service pro's listing?

  • No. The accuracy of all of the information in the service pro's listing is the responsibility of the individual service provider.

How is TopServicePros different from my own business website?

  • The advantage with is that we will drive more customers to you. Think of TopServicePros as an on-line shopping mall of service providers. We use our resources and expertise in marketing and search engine optimization to get more of your potential customers to our website. We do encourage you to make your own business website and we have a way to link to your site.

Can I link to my own business website?

  • Absolutely. We know you have spent significant time and resources if you have developed your own website. You'll have a chance to link to it for free from your TopServicePros listing. All that we ask in return is that you provide a reciprocal link to your listing.

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About the Search Rankings

What determines how high a company shows up on the search?

  • There are two criteria. Companies that buy more of our products (listings, premium add-ons, etc.) will show up higher. Given a set of companies with the same product profile the company that has been with us longer will be higher on the list. So join today!

Why are the search results not sorted by distance?

  • This is one of the more unique aspects of the TopServicePros website. The homeowner really does not care if the service pro is located 2, 10, or 50 miles away from their home. You are coming to their house anyway! For this reason we do not sort the list by proximity.

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About Working with Homeowners

Am I required to respond to every lead?

  • Yes. As part of the service agreement you must respond to every legitimate lead, even if the response is negative. We want to make sure that the homeowners are able to quickly find a suitable service provider even if it means having to go to a business not listed on this site.

How does handle customer complaints?

  • We occasionally receive complaints from customers who found their service pro advertised through TopServicePros -- and ask us to help resolve a problem with the business.

    Here is how we respond.

    1. We request specifics of the complaint. Usually, the complaint claims misleading webpage content (e.g. services "not as advertised") -- or the complaint concerns work not completed in the reasonable and agreed upon timeframe.
    2. We ask the service pro to promptly resolve the complaint, or to reply otherwise.
    3. If the service pro does not respond within 14 days following #2, we disable the webpage until the complaint is resolved to our satisfaction.

    If we receive more than two complaints about a specific service pro, then we remove that listing from TopServicePros, and will not allow it to be advertised here again until the service pro can prove to our satisfaction that problems have been resolved.

    We take customer's complaints very seriously, and encourage our service pros to resolve them quickly.

How do I receive payments from the homeowner?

  • That is between you and the homeowner. We are not an agent of the service provider. You make your contract directly with the homeowner.

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About the TopServicePros Website

What can I do to help spread the work about your wonderful site?

  • Thanks for asking! You can tell a friend about this site when they are looking for a service pro. Also tell any service pros you know that they should consider advertising here.

I've got a suggestion for your site, do you want to hear about it?

  • For sure! We are always looking to improve the site and service. Please send your idea to our president

How can I get more help?

  • Didn't find what you need here? Just drop us an email with your question or problem and we'll be glad to help.

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